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Discover why StaffMate Online is the #1 Staff Scheduling Software in the Special Events Industry!
Although there are a number of reasons why StaffMate Online is the top staff scheduling software in the special events industry, we've whittled the list down to what we believe are the top ten ingredients of our tremendous success:

StaffMate Online was the first and is still the only online staff scheduling program designed specifically for the special events industry. Created Specifically for the Special Events Industry
StaffMate Online is an all-inclusive, annually licensed web program with no set-up fees, no installation fees, no hosting fees, no support fees and no per-shift fees. Extraordinarily Affordable
StaffMate Online is the most user-friendly staff scheduling program ever created. Your on-call staff will catch on quickly and be excited about being able to better plan their lives. Intuitive & User Friendly
StaffMate Online will completely transform the way you schedule your on-call staff while allowing you to maintain the same powerful management authority upon which you have come to rely. Robust & Powerful
StaffMate Online's customer service is refreshingly thorough, helpful, prompt, and very accessible - 
Michael Marchialette, Schaul's Signature Cuisine & Events Impeccable Service
Using StaffMate Online is easy! There are never any software or hardware conflicts for you to troubleshoot, there is nothing to install, no new hardware to buy and no new third-party software to acquire. Technically Simple
Both you and your employees can access StaffMate Online from any Internet-connected computer anywhere. And StaffMate Online provides the perfect 'Safety Net,' cushioning you from vacationing or ill staffing coordinators. Portable & Continuous
With our online staff memo, day notes, admin reminders, staff reminders, five unique scheduling and publishing methods, five broadcast emailing methods, the capability to add an attachment of any type to broadcast emails, automated notifications and 24/7 access to all vital event information, it's easy to see how StaffMate Online will dramatically improve communication with your staff. Unparalleled Communication Tools
StaffMate Online has not forgotten about those employees without email access. With our Event Notification Call Lists, it is easier than ever to track to whom you need to place calls, at which phone numbers and why. Event Notification Call Lists
As it often is in life, the little things can take something wonderful and make it something extraordinary. And so it is with StaffMate Online. The Little Things
As it often is in life, the little things can take something wonderful and make it something extraordinary. And so it is with StaffMate Online.
Our online staff scheduling software will transform the way you schedule your own on-call staff by cutting scheduling calls by 75% or more and nearly eliminating employee clarification calls.When we first created StaffMate Online, and over the years as we've continued to add new features, we've always remembered that often it's the little things that can make a worthwhile software program truly extraordinary.

With StaffMate Online, you can track staff member birthdays and employee evaluation due dates directly on the event calendar. You can create reminders for yourself to perform certain tasks or call certain people.

"I can tell you that stafffmate has saved me hours and hours in scheduling time. My staff love it. My business growth has been enormous so anything that can help me to become more organized and shave off hours spent on the phone is a fantastic bonus. Staffmate came at a perfect time for our company. Thank You!"

Susie Wardhaugh, Simply Unforgettable

You can also use StaffMate Online to track staff costs and budgets for each event. You can quickly and easily save frequently used venues to your favorite venues list for easier event entry and one-click access to vital venue contact information.

Our valuable Staff Report displays all important event and venue details including driving directions, venue contact information, which employees are scheduled to work, at which positions and when and provides you with each staff member's home and alternate phone numbers at which you can reach them in case the need arises.

Simply print this report on event day and you will never again be stranded without the information you need to ensure a successful event.
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