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Our staff scheduling software, catering specifically to the special events industry, brings speed and efficiency to the chaotic process of staff scheduling for an average of just 40-75 per staff member per month.

StaffMate Online's robust online staff scheduling service is quite simply the easiest way of scheduling your service staff while maintaining the same powerful admin tools upon which you have come to rely.

From the moment you first enter event details, StaffMate will be saving you more time, energy and resources than you could have ever imagined. There is no easier way of scheduling your staff!
STAFFMATE ONLINE FEATURE: Discover What Makes StaffMate Online the Top Staff Scheduling Software in the Industry!

Created Specifically for the Special Events Industry

Extraordinarily Affordable

Intuitive & User Friendly

Robust & Powerful

Impeccable Service
Technically Simple

Portable & Continuous

Unparalleled Communication Tools

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