BACKGROUNDER: As the original innovator of online worker scheduling in the special events industry, StaffMate Online has enjoyed 22 years in the driver's seat as emerging technology has continued to shape how workers are scheduled for events. StaffMate Online's continued focus on leading-edge technologies, combined with its mission to innovate and maintain an impressive array of integrations and connections, has earned respected industry recognition as well. Named 2019's NACE National Partner of the Year and a 2019 Gala Award nominee as the Best New Event Tech, StaffMate Online continues to show unrivaled leadership and innovation in the industry it founded two decades ago.

Established in 2002, Staffmate Online was the first web-based tool available for event-based companies to book their staff. In the 22 years since, businesses have relied on the Staffmate platform to schedule over 20 million shifts for more than 3 million unique events. Staffmate has used this real-world experience to continue to identify innovations that improve employee communication, retention, and overall well being.
CURRENT TRENDS: "Hospitality is suffering through its tightest labor market in modern history and businesses in our industry are seeking innovative ways to attract, retain and engage quality talent" said Joseph Veneman, CEO and Founder of Staffmate. "Significantly higher labor costs and persistent staff shortages are exacerbating an already untenable confluence of inflated food and operations costs."

The mantra over the past 10 years is that technology IS efficiency, but Veneman contends that overpriced technology that doesn't fit an organization or properly solve pain points and organizational bottlenecks can quickly become an albatross in this current business environment.

"Having listened to the needs of our clients for over 22 years, we have innovated an incredible array of tools which lock in worker commitments faster, help retain top talent and better match workers to available shifts, so fewer workers are needed. That understanding of the industry and our laser focus on solving pain points is the reason we're such a rarity... a technology company that has maintained its relevance and dominance for 22 years."